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"With the skills I learned from Dr. M.P.'s class, our individual sessions and other resources that she recommended I have approached my new relationship with confidence and patience."
 Tustin, CA
"You came from a place of love and concern for both of us and showed us that with some effort we can have what we want in our relationship."
 Irvine, CA

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As a highly developed single you may feel “stuck” and “alone” in the midst of questionable relationships. You may feel discouraged about finding an ideal partner, and uncertain how to create a lifelong loving relationship.

Or as a committed partner in a struggling relationship you may be the one doing all the work to keep it from breaking apart. Maybe the life has gone out of your relationship or you are up against challenges that can’t seem to be resolved.

You don’t need to struggle anymore. Journey To Love provides you with relationship advice to find a loving partner and create a fulfilling, healthy and lasting  relationship.

Here is how we can help:
Journey To Love Ezine Dr. M.P.'s practical advice and skills help you create and nurture deep, loving relationships. Subscribe to our Journey To Love ezine for articles you'll love to read... Take a free love quizFeeling stuck, alone and unable to create healthy relationships? Do you want to find your ideal partner or rebuild your current relationship? Take our free Love Quiz to find out where to start your journey..
Journey To Love WorkbookGet the Journey To Love Workbook and follow its step-by-step process to learn how to improve your current relationship or attract a new loving partner... Get hands-on relationship help by participating in a live workshop, taking a teleclass or engaging in a private consultation with Dr. MP For more in-depth help, participate in one of our regularly offered workshops, take a teleclass,
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